First week round-up

It has been absolute awesomeness to work with this group of 5th and 6th graders. We have 19 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 teachers and we are already off to a great start for the year. Here’s a little summary of what we’ve done so far, although there’s no way for me to capture the enthusiasm, energy, and synergy of this group of kids, so you’ll have to read all this while imagining that part.

In language arts, we started a class read-aloud of Hoot. The students have easily adapted to an easy style of sitting in a circle, often while eating a snack, and actively listening to the story. We stop often to chat. For example, we might discuss the various characters, what we know about them, and how the author is introducing them to us.

After reading chapter 3 on Thursday, we divided into small groups to illustrate different parts of the book. The results of that were the following:

(1) the pick-up truck with the port-a-potties, (2) another rendering of the same but with the alligator chasing the policeman out, (3) 4 different versions of the mysterious running boy jumping over the dog, (4) a student modeling for his group doing drawing #5, (5) which is the bully pushing the main character’s face against the bus window, and (6) the bully choking the main character over the back seat of the bus.

We are also three days into writing workshop, where our mini-lessons have mostly focused on what writing workshop actually is (spoiler alert: it’s a time to write!) Then we turn on the music and have quiet writing time, which the students have also eagerly embraced. Is it because they get to go to recess afterwards if everyone is focused? Perhaps. Or maybe we just have a class of future authors and communicators. Either way, writing time is a magical time. Our final workshop of the week ended in sharing time where a few students shared a page of their work out loud.


We’ve also been busy scientists. After learning about what science is and what it means to be a scientist, they collected pill bus for further study. We’ve also started to learn about classification so that they have a sense of how all the animals they are about to observe and study are related.

Here are a few photos of the pill bug collection:

Here are a few about learning about science and practicing classification:

And if that doesn’t seem like enough, we also (collectively) lost two teeth! Hopefully our second week will be just as awesome. I’m restocking the lost-tooth necklaces just in case.

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