Bruce Project Field Trips

We are smack in the middle of our work on The Bruce Project and we’ve taken a few field trips recently to help with that research. (For those of you not in the know, Bruce is a small-mouthed bass who lives at SK and we are designed a new, larger tank for him to live in, with a more realistic habitat.)

Each student group is currently working on understanding the natural ecosystems of Michigan and the habitat of a small-mouth bass (like Bruce!) so they can better design a tank for Bruce to live in. They also needed to learn about aquarium set up so they could make sure their plans included a reasonable food source, good filtration, bacteria, and water chemistry, and a home-like habitat for Bruce.

The first field trip we took was to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit, where we explored a variety of Michigan nature and wildlife, including forests, lakes and rivers.

We also got to try out various ways to explore those habitats, like hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, kayaking, hunting, and more!

While there, we practiced identifying native Michigan fish with a dichotomous key and getting to know the fish anatomy.

After exploring all that simulated habitat, it was time to figure out how to simulate the habitats for ourselves. We visited a fish store and spent some time with the aquariums there to learn more about this. Students took notes on ideas they wanted to use in their Bruce proposals, and also took photos to help them remember. Here are just a few of the pictures they took:

There’s more Bruce project to be done, so stay tuned!

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